Future of Augmented Reality in Gaming

We all are very much familiar with the mobile gaming and some of us are passionate players in mobile gaming. We had spent too much time with 2D and 3D games to get relief from stress and achieved top level of scores. Many of us have created our Avatar and beat the enemy and villain many time. Many time we’ve imagined to go to the battlefield and fight for the country and defeat the enemy in gaming world, many time we thought if I were there in the game I would have surely won the game. Nostalgia… isn’t it.

Augmented Reality has already made all these dream come true and given us a chance to be there in the gaming world virtually by augmenting the reality. Now we can feel, fight, run, play and do many more things by being into the virtual gaming world with real feel. Augmented Reality has given tremendous change in the gaming and went beyond the imagination and given us a platform to be a part of the virtual world with the real feeling and real experience without being into any such location or field.

Augmented Reality (AR) is integration of real world and virtual view and is a type of virtual reality that duplicates the real environment in a computer / mobile. AR system generates a composite view for the user that is combination of the real scene viewed to be the user and virtual scene generated by the computer which provides additional information and view. Augmented reality is a technology that works on computer “vision based recognition algorithms” to augment sound, video, graphics and other sensor based inputs on real world objects using the camera of your device.

The future is here. With the help of Augmented Reality Gaming we are now able to identify many things about the real life experience. For example, stimulation games provide inside of the cabin or cockpit to a normal person as well as it helps to improve the functionalities of the real driving or piloting experience. Similarly it will be helpful for soldiers, sport persons, drivers, pilots, students etc. Augmented Reality Gaming gives entertainment as well as learning and new ways to get improved and get into the virtual world and be one of the parts of it.

The future of Augmented Reality will be endless, we have never imagined we could be the part of the gaming world when we used to play 2D, 3D and Play Station games. At that time to feel that environment was a dream and unreachable future of the technology and today we are at that stage when all are dreams related to games come true and we became a part of the field of our favorite games only because of Augmented Reality.

We at Value Edge Solutions, have been designing and developing such AR based games which gives the user an unbelievable experience thus reliving the nostalgia as a feeling which we spoke about in the beginning of this article.

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