Best Practices for dot Net Application Development Today

Dot Net is a software framework by Microsoft, and needs no introduction. Today, the internet is the most favored medium for businesses to reach out to customers, as well as for end users to get any information. A significant chunk of web based applications are built on .Net framework. The overall framework is consistent, scalable and capable of creating powerful applications online. Dot Net Application Development then keeps gaining increased importance today.

dot net developmentWith the .Net platform, developers and designers of dot net companies can make use of its dynamic characteristics empowered with an already present coding layer. It is easy to reuse code with .Net framework, and it also facilitates usage of different programming languages. Below are the key advantages of using .Net framework, which also increase its popularity.


  • Enhanced security for web based applications with windows based configuration
  • Development output in .Net framework is typically “What you see is what you Get” (WYSIWYG)
  • Framework helps reduce code quantity (use of base class library leveraged) typically required for web based applications
  • Significant collection of supporting tools for development purposes within the framework
  • Drag & drop capabilities, server controls can be provisioned

Overall, ease of deployment, security features, portability & interoperability are the key features responsible in making .Net framework an important & popular choice among developers & businesses.

Best practices for dot NET Development

Following Conventional Coding practices

Writing code in the .Net framework is not difficult, and developers can setup consistency in their applications while avoiding exceptions and errors. As with other programming platforms, it makes sense to use variables that convey some sense, rather than random characters. There are commonly recognized standards for code layout, naming, appearance and so on.

Monitoring Application Performance

A recommended technique by experts is to measure the code performance, so as to tune the application better. Many analyzers are available that can monitor application performance, and identify bottlenecks that limit performance.


With online applications, security is always a concern. SQL Injection or Cross site scripting are capable of bringing down the application, if protective measures are not taken. Although .Net default protection features are already in place, it is a good idea to take additional measures, such as using SQL parameters instead of concatenating strings while building SQL queries. Furthermore, any values that are pulled from the application should be populated as SQL parameters to ensure appropriate encoding. Users should not have rights to write or inject SQL code, the developer must retain control.

Coding for “string” specific parameters

Dot net application development developers should try and check if the string length is set to 0. Variable checks for measuring string length are more efficient compared to usage of constructors. Use “string.format” method instead of appending or concatenating strings manually.

Exception Identification

It is a good practice to catch specific exceptions, rather than generic exceptions. Generic exceptions identification will not allow library user to view run-time problems which makes debugging complex, while specific exceptions can be handled gracefully.

Implementing Design & Architecture

It is recommended to use an appropriate architecture or patter (such as MVC) while using the .Net framework. Similar concept is the usage of N-tier or N-layer design within the .Net framework.

Increased Use of Inheritance

Wherever possible, dot net companies must advocate the use of inheritance features, although this best practice is not just limited to the .Net framework. Inheritance facilitates code reuse, and also reduces coding / testing effort.

Round trips should be avoided

Developers should try and incorporate client side validation / client side scripts. Wherever feasible, Ajax UI can be implemented using dot net development.

Dispose / Close resources

Developers need to ensure that if an object is provisioned, the Close or Dispose method needs to be called. Connections should be opened just before the requirement, and closed out as applicable.

Use of DataReader

If data caching is not required, it makes sense to use DataReader for efficient data binding.

Dot Net Development Today

The dot Net companies also conduct research and development in other contemporary versions of the .Net framework. The first one deals with the applications development of for mobiles and the second one facilitates programming for embedded devices.  Dot Net Compact framework caters to Windows Mobile based devices and now the comprehensive Windows Phone devices. This robust framework extends support to the legacy Windows CE platform now called the Windows Embedded Compact for the hand-helds.

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