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Application Optimization & refactoring

Application optimization and refactoring is a skill not many can boast of as this is a danger zone. We understand the risk associated and have always excelled in all our endeavors.

IT teams across variety of companies are under tremendous pressure to have an existing application deliver the most with none or limited downtime or no slowness. Application optimization and refactoring is a process of improving and enhancing a portion of the application or database which have been a problem area and which continue to increase the problems day by day.

Application Optimization and refactoring improves the performance and behavior of the application as well as it helps to get quick and accurate results along with some feature enhancement if needed. Main objective of Application Optimization and Refactoring is to improve usability for users while improving the effectiveness of the application involved.

Process followed by VES

  • Understand the pain areas
  • Analyze the business process associated
  • Setup and Debug the application code
  • Analyze the database associated for potential issues
  • Analyze the database design
  • Fix the application code
  • Fix the database side code or SQL code
  • Run tests
  • Verify data sanctity
  • Deploy the updates
  • Monitor
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