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3rd Party interfacing

Third party interfacing is a unique and specialized skill which we can boast of. We understand what it takes to create a secure channel for you to expose your API to interface with any third party application.

Third party interfacing can be explained in two scenarios.

  1. Consuming an already exposed set of API for 3rd party application
  2. Exposing our own set of API’s for 3rd party applications to consume

We at VES have expertise in both the above scenarios.

Consuming an already exposed set of API
(Consuming 3rd party API)

  • We make your interfaces love each other and develop sustainable compatibility
  • We have the required skills and patience to read through what has been made available.
  • We do our POC (Proof of Concept) to be sure that we touch the API in right manner and it gives us the desired result
  • We ensure that the interface works correctly; and is deployed and configured correctly.

Exposing our own set of API
(3rd party applications consume our API)

  • We analyze the target who will be consuming the API
  • We analyze the different sets of data that will need to be passed in different varieties of scenarios.
  • We also enable to pass on different set of physical files to be delivered if needed using a secure FTP or Cloud Storage route.
  • Enable data being sent in globally accepted formats, thus ensuring data being sent can be used / consumed by any system on any platform.

In order to achieve the actual objective, we at VES deliberate rigorously, design extensively and employ technologies intelligently!!!

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