Advantages and Myths surrounding .NET Development

In today’s scenario, when businesses are keen to adapt to faster and smarter means to having highly efficient and effective practices, ASP .NET Development platform designed by Microsoft, has taken long leaps in the IT fraternity and has been acknowledged as one of the most in-demand technologies today. It, being termed as a neutral language, supports various programming languages. Owing to its salient features and popular ownership, it has carved a niche for itself. .NET development framework is open to ASP as well as other programming languages such as VB, C# etc. and it is also possible for developers to easily and swiftly build ASP based applications using Visual Studio as IDEs, supporting the ‘Rapid Application Development’ technology.

ASP .NET Development platform

ASP .NET Development platform

Taking care of the tough competition in the world today for businesses to succeed and come out shining as compared to the rest, .NET development services are capable to encompass a large variety of application domains including CRM, accounting, finance, websites, supply management, inventory apps, education and much more. It not only includes a tight security feature but includes a management tool which can be utilized for development, testing and organization of the software. Now that we know how popular .NET development environment is, let us have a glance at why is it increasingly getting popular and as always, so much goodness tags with it along certain misconceptions which are important to know and need to be broken as soon as possible.

Myths/Misconceptions surrounding .NET Development Services

  • It is costly and cannot be affordable by all

In comparison with other programming practices, .NET looks expensive but isn’t. When we look at other expenses and overall cost of development, it definitely is worth its price and can be afforded by any size of segment – small, medium or big. The cost of app development also contains the hosting charges, which depends on the status of the hosting services and not on the platform.

  • It is not dependable and is too complex

One of the most prevalent myths is that .NET application development is highly unstable and complex whereas it is just not true. Microsoft, being the owner, has given the .net code for free (open source) and plugged in numerous developers happily developing for it. Since its open source, it is very much possible to create your own version.

  • You cannot make smaller websites from .NET

This is a sheer no. You can make any type of website or app with .net development framework. Microsoft, being the owner, will always support any size and type of enterprise app, depending upon the need and requirement of your business. If there is a proper object oriented design in place, there is a large place for flexibility to make your own app your own way.

Key Attributes contributing to.NET Application Development and its Continued Success

  • It has an innovative feature of decreasing the total lines of code needed for larger app development
  • Its maintainability, robustness, deployment, security are its key highlights
  • Interoperability with existing applications is very much possible, increasing its reach and flexibility
  • Supports event driven programming and developing codes for event load options
  • Dynamic compilation feature assisting in code execution
  • It has a cross platform service oriented architecture
  • It is language independent and hence helps a lot in creation of web apps
  • Consists of easy deployment because of built-in configuration information
  • Development of safe and secure apps is possible because of built-in windows authentication
  • Instant issuance of alerts and notifications if there are any memory leaks or any instance that is not supported
  • Creation of dynamic web pages is easier because of synchronization of the ASP code and the HTML
  • It heavily supports a perfect server side scripting technology because the code executes on the Windows server prior to the web browser
  • Supports the WYSIWYG editor tool seen with the Visual Studio IDE
  • Achieves better performance because of the on-time compilation, caching services, native optimization and early binding
  • Provision of advanced features like automatic deployment and drag-drop server controls
  • Allows partition across multiple languages because of its language independent feature
  • Facilitates integration with third party systems and legal systems
  • Keeps all libraries at one place
  • Has comparatively less complex and standardized programming concepts

Here is a very good Video on How to build modern web applications with ASP.Net

.NET application development service is a sure shot next generation technology that is a developer’s delight and an enterprise’s success story as well. With a large focus on cost and time savings, enterprises are now moving on to adapting this wonderful technology with open arms, involving dedicated team of skilled professionals and developers.

With an open picture of all possible benefits that .NET can avail and also the prevailing myths and their explanations, what you really need is an experienced and skilful .NET App Development Company, which based on your requirements, can develop and implement an ideal solution for you.

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  • Excellent post, also interested to see how MS’s acquiring of Xamarin, which they’re making open source, will affect the future of .net development. I would imagine a lot of up and coming programmers will be cutting their teeth on either Xam or still .net. In either case, it’s probably going to be moving more and more towards cross platform dev.

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